About us

We are a user experience design studio. We help startups and tech product teams improve the UX and UI Design of their products. We specialise in web apps and mobile apps, making complex systems feel simple and intuitive to people.

Our team

We work with a team of experienced UX designers, visual designers, user researchers, illustrators and developers. We bring to project the most suitable professionals for your project.

Fruto was founded by Mariana Morris, a Senior UX Designer Consultant with over 13 years of experience designing intuitive and engaging Award-winning websites, web apps and mobile apps. Mariana is an experienced manager delivering successful design projects.

Our Motto

We believe that every interaction can be a positive interaction. Interactions between humans and interactions between human and technology. We work hard to make it so and we take every interaction thoughtfully. You will see this in our day-to-day, in the way we treat each other and in the way we treat our clients, in the projects that we choose to work with and in our design solutions – We create experiences that respects the users’ time and needs, and that users enjoy interacting with. Positive interactions are empathetic, respectful, valuable, helpful and enjoyable.

Mariana Morris

Founder and Director

Why work with us

  • Experienced UX Designers

    We have a diverse team of specialist UX/UI designers, visual designers, user researchers, illustrators, content strategists, copywriters and front-end UI developers. We’ll bring to your project the most suitable professionals. 

  • An extension of your team

    We work closely with your project team, like an extension of your team. We may be able to work from your office, use the tools of your preference (eg. Jira, Trello, Github, Slack, Skype) to provide regular and prompt UX and Design support to your team.

  • Flexible design resource

    We can provide more or less design resource as you need for the time that you need without you having to worry about the costs and commitment of recruitment.

  • Value for your money

    As a small agency with a lean mindset, we have and value low overheads.

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